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We are a  full-service consulting firm.  To make you more efficient in your work, Assessment Solutions offers business coaching programs for individuals as well as for organizations.

Our business coaching programs are designed to take you from point A to places you want to go but didn’t know how to get there. Sometimes you just need that outside-in perspective to identify areas that are holding you back whether you are an entrepreneur, solopreneur, company owner, organizational director or CEO. We all have blind spots, and many times operate within our comfort zone far too long. Sometimes those in leadership positions who are surrounded by subordinates need someone who is not afraid to tell them what they are doing needs changing. One-on-one business coaching programs bring truth, clarity and new ways to find profit centers through management/staff development.

Want to see our founder, Bruce Mazzare in action? He is offering a FREE online course to give you a snapshot of his expertise and some practical tips he gives to business leaders in coaching and workshop programs. The following video is just one of the three clips in Three Game-Changing Roadblocks to Success online course. To see all three videos, click here.

We also offer management/staff business coaching programs & workshops. Many times after coaching a business owner, we will identify a need within the business that involves staff or team training. We meet with individuals, make assessments and report back to the owner areas of concerns and needs for training.

Business Coaching Programs and Workshops - ASSESSMENT SOLUTIONSA good example of this type of business coaching program and the benefits derived can be found in our two-part case study involving a dairy business:

Part 1:  To Diversify or Not? 

Part 2: Will our Strategic Plan Make us More Profitable?  

The dairy business was a long-established concern, but it doesn’t matter at what stage your business is, our business coaching programs & workshops can help you achieve:

  • a faster growth rate than you would on your own
  • a sounding board for new ideas and products, and feedback based on 40 years of experience
  • new clarity and confidence
  • a plan of action
  • results

Our Process for Business Coaching

First, our processes are based strictly on your needs. Here’s an example of some of the needs and those we have coached:

  • Individuals looking for a job. We have helped them determine their first or next career move based on their skill set and motivation.
  • Business leaders who aspire to inspire and develop more fully their people and management skills.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to reach the next level and are stuck trying to make it on their own.
  • Couples who need help with innovative business plans for a family business.
  • Small business owners who need clarity about their organizational culture and how it is affecting their growth and productivity.
  • Business owners/managers faced with office drama and conflict needing to decrease their staff turnover and make their workplace more harmonious.
  • CEOs working through a merger or acquisition and experiencing push-back.

Our experience runs deep and our processes are varied.  Unlike many other business coaching programs, we do not call you weekly with a rah-rah, you can do it pep talk. Our processes are based on scientifically-proven assessments and reports that delve deeply into the behavior/motivational style of an individual or group. We learn who you are, what makes you tick, and what is needed to get you where you want to go, objectively and scientifically. Together, we come up with a plan of action and all the steps you need to get there.

We  customize coaching and workshops with the assessments to fit your company’s needs.  During the Executive Review meeting, we will identify your needs as an organization.  Areas we cover are:

  • Communication
  • Team Building
  • Employee Benchmarks or Selection and Recruitment
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Leadership Development
  • Stress Management
  • Time Management
  • Organizational Culture/Climate

Once your management and employees complete the individual assessments, we will hold a workshop at your company or off-site to discern the individual reports and create a strategic plan moving forward.

The Outcome 

Upon completion of the workshop, we work with individuals or the management team to identify the areas of improvement, help to make adjustments and to keep your team motivated and productive.

Once your team has identified the behavioral styles for themselves, they can easily identify the behavioral styles of others.  This not only helps internally, but also helps when working with customers and partners.

What Sets Us Apart

Many assessment companies leave you with reports, but do not follow up with tangible information employees and managers can use.  Our workshops are designed to engage, motivate and teach employees how to work with each other and how to identify their strengths and motivators as well as the strengths and motivators of others.

Get Started Today!

Contact us to learn more about our solutions. Our programs are customized for individuals and organization.  If you would like to see a listing of our assessments, click here.  Otherwise, let’s get started with an exploratory call today!


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