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Why I am concerned about Conflict in the Workplace

And What I’m Doing About It!

MazzareBruce_BSHP-TBy Bruce Mazzare

Here is why I am concerned:

According to task management software firm AtTask:

  • Only 3% of work conflicts are the result of personality or cultural differences.
  • The top three sources of workplace conflict are opposing priorities, lack of communication and misunderstanding about how urgent tasks are.
  • There is an over-abundance of people involved with projects, but a dearth of clarity on assignments and job roles. 63% of office workers say there are too many cooks in the kitchen. 64% say there’s confusion about who’s doing what.
  • Often the causes of conflict go all the way to the top. Almost 4 out of 10 office workers say communication with their company leadership is ineffective. So the pressure continues to build and build until conflict finally explodes.
  • 81% of workers experience conflict with other departments and teams
  • Company leaders and IT are the groups with whom workers experience the most conflict.
  • These conflicts are devastating in terms of financial and human capital: 39% say productivity is the biggest casualty of conflict. 32% say conflict kills morale and increases turnover. 30% say it destroys confidence in other teams and distracts from opportunities. 1 out of 4 office workers say just trying to avoid conflict causes illness or absence from work.

Here’s What I am Doing About it:

First, I created a Webinar titled, Conflict in the Workplace.  This webinar is complete with information to help you understand how to handle, manage and resolve conflict in your workplace.  Please go to the following link, register and instantly watch to learn more about this topic.  It’s free, so visit: now.

I have been busy!  I also developed Conflict Resolution in the Workplace, a 16-chapter eLearning Course to help CEOs, Managers and HR Professionals understand why conflict exists and what can be done about it. The video course with downloads and exercises (to help in the learning process), is based on material compiled from workshops with enterprise and corporation clients.  The proven process I’ve developed is an accumulation of over 30 years of experience with leadership, management, teams and staff members.

Research tells us conflict is not going away, instead the problem is growing. Consequently, I am offering help to those who are losing valuable resources due to conflict. I hope you will take advantage of this robust course in your organization. Compared to what conflict costs, it is extremely economical and can save in litigation expense, lost productivity, sick leave pay, high turnover and stress related illnesses.

To view an introductory video to the course, go to  and click on Conflict Resolution in the Workplace.



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September 24, 2015
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