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Who We Are


Why You Should Get to Know Us & Find Out Who We Are, How We think.

Who We Are

We believe people are an organization’s most valuable resource. The selection, development and resulting productivity of people are critical to a company’s growth, profitability, and survival. We provide products and implement services that promote the growth of People, Productivity, and Profits within an organization. We seek to help companies and non-profits recognize their under-utilized staff members and show them how to encourage these members to greater productivity.

For management and leadership development, we offer assessments, consulting, workshops and online courses.  We believe training is just one side of the process; development is the other major, key component.

For individuals, we offer behavioral styles/motivational values assessments and online courses, which show an individual his style of communicating, ways he relates to others, how he can improve and what motivates him to not only do a better job but find fulfillment in his career.

For team leaders and members, we offer assessments and online courses that reveal how members relate to each other and how to turn a mediocre team into a high-performance team. We also offer benchmarking and tracking tools to keep the team on target.

For Human Resource Pros we offer selection and recruitment tools to help hire the best person for the right job. We include job benchmarking and job-fit assessments as well.

For sales persons, we offer several sales training assessments and consultation.

We have taken our 40 years of experience in business and gathered all the pieces into one website which delivers the tools necessary for organizational growth.

How We think

We know  every organization has a unique blend of people and philosophies that influence how problems are resolved. We continually provide a variety of products and services that are flexible and tailored to each company’s specific needs. We believe that leadership, management and team development is a process not an event. Proper assessment, training, development, selection and retention of people is of the highest importance.

 “Bruce is a man of integrity that you can trust. He understands adult-learning and conducts effective workshops that enables people and companies to change for the better. Bruce also cares for people, a characteristic of leadership that many lack, but not Bruce! Bring him to you organization today!” – John G. Miller, Author of “QBQ! The Question Behind the Question”


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