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What is Your Biggest Communication Issue?

Choose one from the list below:

  1. Being understood?
  2. Relating a funny story well?
  3. Making clever comebacks?
  4. Listening?
  5. Making a formal speech?
  6. Being persuasive?
  7. Writing an interesting letter?

Take a second to look over this list and see which issue you struggle with the most. In my communication workshops. I ask the participants to circle their biggest communication problem.

So far, I have had very few circle #4. It’s because we don’t think of listening as a communication skill, but it is one of the most important elements of communication. And it is one of the chief causes of conflict. We don’t often listen to what the other person is saying, because we’re usually too busy thinking of a comeback or what to say next or we’re multitasking – checking emails or text messages while someone else is speaking. Unfortunately, they perceive our lack of attention is saying, “You are not important, what you are saying to me has no value”

If you are experiencing conflict in your workplace, resolving that conflict can begin with you.

Practice becoming a better listener:

  1. Want to Listen


  1. Act like a Good Listener


  1. Listen to Understand


  1. Empathize with the Other Person


  1. Ask Questions



  1. Give Feedback

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