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Customer Overview

A major computer manufacturer in Austin Texas with six location internationally, this computer giant employs over 100,000 employees.


The corporation understood that company teams within several departments were not as cohesive as they should be. Rather than working together to provide solutions to challenges the company was facing, they instead blamed other individuals, teams and departments. A high level manager found and read John Miller’s book, QBQ! a guide to personal accountability in the workplace.   Intrigued with the book’s description: What to ask yourself to eliminate blame, victim thinking, complaining and procrastination, he contacted John Miller to buy the Personal Accountability Program for his department.

The program includes video sessions and action steps and can be facilitated in-house, but the corporation knew that to achieve the success they were looking for would require facilitator training.


Initially, Management Development Systems, a distributor for QBQ!, was called in to train ten of the trainers, but as other departments saw the real time benefit of the program, MDS trained facilitators to cover over a thousand employees who went through the personal accountability process.


The computer giant immediately saw the benefits of this program and began including additional departments.  The program was so successful the corporation offered it internationally to foreign locations.


The trained facilitators were able to effectively lead the employees through the QBQ program so teams were able to work together within their own departments and across department boundaries.  Individuals felt free to accept personal responsibility without the threat of dismissal. The knowledge gained, stopped the learned habit of blaming others and “victim thinking”.


A giant computer manufacturer sought to encourage the practice of personal responsibility through the QBQ! process.  MDS was hired and effectively trained the trainers to facilitate the program.  As a result of the initial ten-person training, the corporation saw immediate results and requested further training for additional facilitators. In all, over 1,000 Texas employees went through the process before it was introduced to international employees.

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