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There are 3 Levels of Leadership – Where are You?

Bruce Mazzare MDSBruce Mazzare

Level One – You Have the Title!

Many people rely on their title, but unless your title is backed by experience and authority, you won’t be taken seriously.  Your goal should be to expand your knowledge and management skills. If you stay at this level, those under you will not respect your leadership and will overlook your advice. If you find yourself feeling like an outsider among your peers and what is going on in your company, you might be a title leader. Take our Free online course to see how not developing your people can sabotage your success. 

Level Two – You Are a Team Leader!

People follow you because working with you is interesting and fun. They want to follow you because they respect you and your authority.  You are like the coach of a team sport. Your goal should be to further your management skills so those under you who are motivated and driven see opportunity for growth. For more information on team building click here.

Level Three – You Are a Developer of People!

People respect you because you engender it without demanding it.  They know working under you will result in a higher potential for them. You challenge them to be better by example.

Do you see yourself in one of these levels? Is it where you want to be? Never give up in yourself, your development and trying to be the best leader you can be. None of us stay the same; we tend to slide back and without extra effort, we don’t move forward.

Bruce Mazzare, Founder and CEO of Management Development System has over 40 years of experience in leadership training. For more information, contact



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