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What are Team Building Assessments? 

Simply put, these team building assessments are surveys to measure behavior styles which includes communication, how they approach projects, and each other. Team Building Assessments can be given to individuals or to the entire team.   If you are having issues with your team working together, you understand how their issues can affect your productivity and profits.

After the assessments are completed, a personalize report is generated for each participating team member.  Here you have an option. We can call each team member with a personalized debriefing or you can schedule a team building workshop, which we recommend.

What are Team Building Workshops?

Team members come together to review their Team Building Assessments Reports, and are led through workshops either at our location or yours, in person or via teleconferencing.  We demonstrate how different behavioral styles and motivational factors play a role in the make-up of any team, and how these differences are essential to the overall effectiveness of a high-performing team. Our goal is to impart a team appreciation for each member, and what each brings to the table.

Here are the Team Building Assessments offered:

Team Building Assessments and Workshops - ASSESSMENT SOLUTIONSTeam Behavioral Assessments for Management – Staff

Based on DISC, a scientifically proven business tool, Team Behavioral Assessments measure the behavioral style for team members, whether they are management or staff. The feedback report from this assessment is a valuable tool for management and offers a plan of action for additional development of team member.

It offers insightful feedback on how a person:

  • Responds to problems and challenges
  • Influences others to their point of view
  • Responds to the pace of the environment
  • Responds to rules and procedures set by others

Debriefing calls or workshops available with this assessment.

Team Building Assessments - ASSESSMENT SOLUTIONSTeam Building Assessments

This assessment measures:

  • Work characteristics
  • Value to the team
  • Value to the organization
  • Communication skills
  • Perception of self and how others perceive the individual
  • Action Plan for growth.

Debriefing calls or workshops available with this assessment.

The following is our Two-Step Approach to Team Effectiveness that helps you measure progress:

Team Building Assessments - ASSESSMENT SOLUTIONSStep 1:  Team Effectiveness Assessments

Once the team takes this survey, you will be able to benchmark where your team currently stands based on strengths and weaknesses.  You can use this information to set goals and measure growth.

The Team Effectiveness Assessment measures characteristics selected by the team and/or management:

The assessment:

  • Determines where the team currently stands (benchmark)
  • Identifies areas of need and areas of growth
  • Determines goals for each effective characteristic
  • Tracks and measures overall growth in the selected effectiveness areas.
  • Gives feedback and encourages team in its journey toward high-performance

A gap analysis is given showing where the team wants to be vs, where they currently are in the following areas:

  • Coordination
  • Common understood goals
  • Communication
  • Coordination
  • Understanding roles
  • Planning
  • Group participation
  • Follow-through
  • Listening
  • Supportive
  • Interactive
  • Trust
  • Commitment
  • Team spirit
  • creativity
  • results
  • Consensus

The Team Effectiveness Survey provides a gap analysis between desired and current results and offers dialog questions for group discussion.

Team Building Assessments - ASSESSMENT SOLUTIONSStep 2:  Team Effectiveness Tracking Survey

After a determined time, use the Tracking Survey to see how your team stands. Follow up to measure growth and progress of the team, and to motivate team to greatness.

This tracking survey is used to:

  • Determine where the team currently stands vs. the benchmark
  • Identify areas of need and growth
  • Offer feedback and encouragement
  • Suggests dialog for team discussion: “What are the possible causes for the current gap?” “What are the possible solutions to these causes?”

This two-step approach to team building requires facilitation which can be conducted via teleconferencing or with workshops.

Team Building Assessments - ASSESSMENT SOLUTIONSBuilding a High Performance Team Video Online Course

Based on Bruce Mazzare’s exceptional team-building skills, and vast experience working internationally with teams over the past 40 years, he has made available a Team Building online video course which is offered in our Winning Performance Academy.   Included with this interactive course are exercises and an assessment and personalize report. This robust course is a perfect package for building your high-performance teams.

“After researching several team building products on the market, I chose those offered by Bruce.  Not only are these products easy to use and facilitate, but the company’s customer service is spectacular.  I had a couple of follow-up questions that were answered quickly. This is a very responsive, customer-oriented company.”  –  C. DeWall, CEO, Advertising Agency

To download Team Building sample reports please click here.


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