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Solopreneurs: Unlock Your DNA Success Meter

open lockTrying to figure out what you need to make your business succeed?

There is a smart way to find out quickly. Rather than flounder through months or years of expensive trial and error, you can know for certain which skills you possess and which skills you need to out-source to maximize your company’s effectiveness.

To save time, money and frustration, do what successful business execs do – only for a whole lot less money. Take a personal survey to measure your skills and talents. As you learn which skills and talents are fully developed you can use those to increase your business and hand-off those areas of important responsibilities that may not fit into your skill-set. By doing so, you will eliminate stress and free yourself up to spend time doing what you do best.

Learn How Your Skills/Talents Stack Up in the Following Areas:

  1. Continuous Learning
  2. Interpersonal Skills
  3. Customer Service
  4. Conflict Management
  5. Development/Coaching
  6. Creative/Innovation
  7. Persuasion
  8. Management
  9. Problem Solving
  10. Negotiation
  11. Self-Management
  12. Presenting
  13. Personal Effectiveness
  14. Goal Orientation
  15. Teamwork
  16. Diplomacy
  17. Flexibility
  18. Decision Making
  19. Written Communication
  20. Planning/Organizing
  21. Leadership
  22. Futuristic Thinking
  23. Empathy

When measured, these 23 skills/talents will show you how to effectively position yourself in your company. For example, if your planning/organizational skills and/or written communication skills are nil, you might consider hiring a VA to help you. If your skill set is well-developed in customer service, persuasion, and negotiation, you’ve got what it takes to sell yourself and your service or product – go for it! If your coaching business hasn’t taken off the way you envisioned, and you need help bolstering this skill-set, get training. If not all 23 skills are important to your success, concentrate on the ones you need to succeed.

This measurement tool will save you time, money and frustration. Now, that you know there is help available, go here to learn more.

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