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How to Sell Your Personal Skills to Your Next Boss

Sell Your Personal Skills to Your Next Boss

Sell Your Personal Skills | ASSESSMENT SOLUTIONTo sell your personal skills, you have to know them. Do you know your strengths? Do you know what value your personal skills have to an organization? Many people don’t. But you can have a competitive edge simply by knowing you possess what “the boss” is looking for in a new hire – whether you are on the first interview with H.R. or the tenth interview with an immediate supervisor. With this knowledge, you will be able to hone your interview speak with pertinent and informative dialogue directed to the needs of the organization. If you’ve done your research, you know all companies are looking for pretty much the same soft or personal skills, but knowing what they are and subjectively checking them on your list is one thing, knowing you possess these high-demand skills through a Personal Skills Assessment is another. That’s how you can sell your personal skills.

A Personal Skills Assessment will also point out areas of weakness so you can hone new skills. Do you need help in communication? Team play? Personal accountability? Time Management? We not only offer assessments to help you understand yourself better but training, workshops, and coaching. In addition, many of our personal assessments will show you what you are looking for in a new job – what motivates you. What your drivers are. What jobs will fulfill your innermost needs. You can consider this investment a shortcut to happiness.

Sell Your Personal Skills to Your Next Boss. The first step is to understand what they are.

Here are areas of Personal Skills we measure on our basic assessment:

  • Communication skills
  • Understanding yourself
  • Listening skills
  • Self-image
  • Self-confidence
  • Dealing with people problems
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Decision-making effectiveness
  • Human relations skills
  • Individual productivity
  • Value to the organization
  • Time management
  • Handling conflict
  • Taking responsibility
  • Personal motivation level
  • Self-management
  • Personal goal-setting skills

Adding to the basics, we can measure your motivating drivers. Find out what makes you fulfilled as a human being. Are you motivated by money, praise, learning, service, beauty, etc? When you know what drives you, you can choose a fulfilling career, not just the first job offered. You can sell your personal skills to the boss you want.

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