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What makes a good salesperson? Can a good customer service representative transition into outside sales and vice versa? Can a good outside salesperson transition into sales management? These positions are uniquely different and will require sales training to make a smooth transition for your staff and customers or clients.

These specific sales skills require training programs & workshops. It’s definitely a time saver for your company. We have heard from several of our customers who are in need of staff sales training workshops. Therefore, we are now providing three types of sales training: 1) Outside Sales 2) Sales Management 3) Inside Sales (customer service). While skills for these positions are somewhat similar, they are, in fact, quite different and require separate training programs.

Sales training workshops and programs will include survey assessments, group discussions and/or personal coaching and feedback to your organization that might include recommendations for further training or re-positioning of an individual.

The need for quality sales persons who produce results and establish long-term relationships with customers seems to be growing each year while the selection and recruitment of qualified persons is becoming more difficult. There is a way to determine if a person has the learned or inherent skills, and emotional intellect to succeed in sales. Knowing this can help you not only build your business faster, but keep your current customers happy for the long-haul.

Here is a sampling of the assessments used in our sales training workshops, and what they will uncover:

sales training programs & workshops - ASSESSMENT SOLUTIONSFor Sales Management (Personal Talent Skills Inventory for Sales Management)

This assessment measures critical skills in these categories:

Critical Management Skills
Conflict Resolution
Getting Results
Leadership Focus
Opportunity Analysis
Self & Project Management
Staffing Focus

Sales Training Programs & Workshops - ASSESSMENT SOLUTIONS

For Outside Sales & Customer Service (Sales Skills, Sales Behaviors)

The Sales Skills Index is an objective analysis of an individual’s understanding of the strategies required to sell successfully in any sales environment. It essentially answers the question, “Can this person sell?” It also reveals behavior, attitude, and personal interests and values.  Just knowing the answers is not enough though. These reports give feedback on strengths and weakness so that a plan can be implemented through training programs, workshops and/or coaching session.

sales training & workshops - ASSESSMENT SOLUTIONSThe Sales Behaviors and Motivation Assessment is designed to increase the understanding of an individual’s talents. The report provides insight into a person’s behavioral style and what his motivational drivers are.  Behavior style will reveal a person’s ability to interact effectively with others, how others will perceive him, how he communicates, etc. The Motivational Driver section will reveal how to motivate this person to succeed.

Sales Training Programs & Workshops - ASSESSMENT SOLTUIONS

The Sales Attitudes Survey is recommended for all sales positions, especially those in retail sales. This measures attitudes toward workplace drug use, theft, authority, etc.

Before scheduling a training program or workshop, we will sit down and discuss which assessments best fit your needs. To see a sample reports for each of our Sales Training Assessments, click here. 

I’d be happy to sit down and discuss your needs. I am flexible as to the training, whether in your place of business or mine. Whether full day or half day sessions, groups or individual coaching. Whatever works best for you, with the least amount of business disruption, I’ll be glad to tailor a sales training workshop or program to fit your needs.

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