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Sales Training Increases Business


DENTAL LAB is one of the premier esthetic labs in the country, providing services and products to quality dental practices throughout the United States. They not only invest in state-of-the-art lab equipment and qualified technicians, but invest in the lives and training of their team members. Since the founding of the company until the recession in 2008 outside sales was not an issue; the business grew each year based on their exceptional reputation.


The national economic downturn took its toll on dental practices throughout the country and for the first time since its founding DENTAL LAB saw the need to put in place an aggressive marketing and sales plan. They tried various programs without much success. Business was slipping and for the first time, the DENTAL LAB realized a decrease in income.


Bruce Mazzare, Founder & CEO of Management Development System was brought in to train the DENTAL LAB team in outside sales. “Bruce gave us the tools we needed,” said Karen Edds of DENTAL LAB, “to ask the right questions and get past the gatekeepers to the decision makers.” Bruce made sales calls with the DENTAL LAB sales team and gave feedback and suggestions after each call. Jennifer Loomis said, “Bruce taught us to ask for referrals, which we had never done before. We were amazed how easily they were given, and how effective it was to call on new dentists based on these referrals from friends and collogues.”


Due to Bruce’s outside – in “out of the box” suggestions, a successful new product line was added which increased sales.

The sales team became confident in their new sales approach and were able to bypass the gatekeepers and meet with the decision maker on their calls.

They routinely and successfully ask for referrals.

The sales team developed new techniques tailored to individual dentists’ needs.

New lab tours were offered to clients and potential clients. Based on Bruce’s suggestions, the DENTAL LAB realized the quality of their laboratory and technicians was one of their key selling points.


While other dental labs lost ground or folded during the recession, sales for the DENTAL LAB increased 20% during the recession and maintained its unique position as one of the premier esthetic labs in the country. Sales increased due to effective sales techniques, new products offered, referrals gained and facility tours. Today, the DENTAL LAB is a thriving business serving dental practices and clinics throughout the country.

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