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Why do Some Rise to the Top While Others Stall Out?

An organization which sees their workforce as their biggest asset will find out why some who are capable do not rise to the top while others soar. An organization which is poised for growth understands that the development of their workforce is essential and the one sure way to rise to the top.

Where do you start developing a plan for the organization that takes into account the dynamics of individual growth?

Usually we start with a simple workshop that helps clarify the participant’s behavior/leadership styles and their primary motivational value /drivers of that behavior. This is accomplished through behavioral assessments and discussions based on individual survey results.

Great organizations have a good mix of people with diverse styles and motivational values.

While an asset, managing the mix of styles and motivational values within an organization can be a challenge. How does an organization utilize these diverse styles and blend them into a team that works together for a common goal. To help, we provide guidance for the management team in developing a five-to-seven-year Strategic Vision for the organization. Often, this process requires outside, expert help as most leaders/executives/managers are focused on short term goals and are task-oriented.

Strategic Vision requires a plan.

It takes energy and effort to look beyond today, this week and this month to see the bigger picture. To guide an organization to see five to seven years down the road requires a focused, written and detailed picture describing the future in terms of where, what and when. The how is developed in short term increments of one year, one quarter and one month. In some cases, we encourage weekly goals and tasks that will lead toward the strategic vision.

Included in this strategy plan is the development of both the executive/management team, as well as the staff. That is where the real growth will begin, because it’s always an inside sale.

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