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Business-Changing Resources for Small Business Owners

5 Business-Changing Resources for Small Business Owners

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Bruce Mazzare

Lately, I’ve been wondering if September is the new January . . .

In many ways, September seems like the month of business opportunities. With summer vacations behind us, schools underway, we tend to knuckle down and get back to the business at hand. For business owners and CEOs, it’s a time to begin counting down to year end and reflecting on the new year. And with the current business climate and politics in flux, many will be facing the fall with trepidation wondering how to make their businesses more efficient and their staff more productive.

Waiting until January is too late, business owners know whatever plans they have for 2017, need to be planned and budgeted now.

Here are Resources for Small Business Owners I believe every company needs to consider for 2017:

Resource #1: Management Development

There are three levels of management. First, you have those who have the title but aren’t performing up to speed and have little respect among staff. Next, you have the team leaders. They are great with people but may lack critical management skills. Last, you have what every manager should aspire to – they are the developers of people. The ones who people respect because they engender respect without demanding it.  They challenge staff to be better by example. Here are resources offered by Assessment Solution to help you:

  • Business Coaching Programs & Workshops
  • Organizational Climate – Looking into the corporate mirror through the eyes of staff provides you with relevant and timely information that will identify top challenges for managers as well as top assets.
  • Management Assessment Survey and Personal Assessment Survey. These two assessments reveal strengths and weaknesses of participants as relates to their managerial skills and soft skills such as communication, listening and relating.
  • FREE online course: 3 Game-Changing Roadblocks to Success. This video course is short but robust and offers business solutions that could change your company.

Resource #2: Employee/Management Retention

Retaining key employees is critical to keep a business running efficiently and more productive. Most business owners have seen the devastating result of losing a key sales person or experienced production supervisors. Recruiting and selection is expensive, not to mention the months of training that is required.

  • Management/Staff Behavior Styles & Motivators Get to know your people and what drives them. You may be able to hold onto a key employee by offering something you didn’t even know they wanted. This enlightening resource not only gives you insight into an employee’s behavior but measures 12 Motivational Drivers.

Resource #3: Hire the Right People for the Right Job

Take the guesswork out of hiring. Most of us have hired “good talkers” we later regretted. These scientifically-proven assessments save time and money and offer solid information for decision making – whether you are hiring or considering promotions within your company.

  • Job Benchmarking – These tools benchmark a particular job showing you what qualifications/behaviors are necessary for success
  • Talent Insights Assessment We recommend narrowing your candidates down to the top two or three and using this survey to determine your best hire.
  • Candidate Comparison Assessment – Compare 2 or more candidates for the job. 

Resource #4: Team Building

Many companies rely on their teams to come up with innovative solutions or to carry out tasks within the organization. When teams work together relying on the individual talents of each member, amazing things are accomplished. But far too often, talents go overlooked, and the more dominant team members take over, leaving the company with skewed results.

  • Building a High-Performance Team online course. This robust, 16-chapter video course with downloads includes team building assessments for each team member. A team workshop can be scheduled after the course. The object of the course and workshop is to educate the team on what each member brings to the table, how to communicate, solve problems and think strategically within the team.
  • Team Behavioral Assessments for Management – Staff. Based on DISC, a scientifically proven business tool, this survey measures the behavioral style of team members, whether they are management or staff. It measures an individual’s value to the team and organization, communication skills, the perception of self and how other perceive the individual and so much more. Debriefing calls or workshops available with this assessment.
  • Two-Step Team Effectiveness. The first step benchmarks where the team is today based on strengths and weaknesses. This information allows you to set goals and measure growth. The second step tracks growth offering ideas for dialogue among team members.

Resource #5: Effective Communication

Communication. Over the course of my 40 + years of working with company owners and CEOs, one issue has remained constant: the overwhelming majority cited poor communications among their employees (including managers) as their #1 problem. Miscommunications have led to costly mistakes, high turnover and the loss of revenue.

  • Communication with Style online course. This robust, 14-chapter video course with downloads includes a behavior style assessment and report which will reveal your communication style and how to communicate to be effective.
  • Dynamic Communication Workshops. Schedule a workshop with Bruce on site or via telecommunications. The Workshop includes a DISC Behavior Style Assessment for each participant and an individual report.

To learn more about each of these resources for small business owners click here.

About Management Development Systems

Bruce Mazzare, founder and CEO, has spent his life’s work in the development of leaders, managers, and organizational staff. He is a Value Added Associate of Target Training International and a highly-trained facilitator of assessments and workshops. He is a sought-after management coach and mentor. His 5 Business-Changing Resources for Small Business Owners are designed for leaders who are ready to ramp up in today’s economy.  Contact Bruce: 254-776-6306 or

“Bruce Mazzare is a valued team member who has been conducting management training and help in our selection process for a number of years. Bruce has incredible people skills, is easy to work with and has provided excellent training which has led to higher staff retention and workplace satisfaction. I highly recommend Bruce for his expertise and development skills.”  David Lacy, President & CEO, Community Bank & Trust

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