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QBQ Customers Endorse Workshops

We’ve been touting QBQ! Workshops for years; now, customers attest to the amazing results. Here’s a few comments from recent workshops held by the QBQ team:

“Well, I completed my first QBQ! Workshop Over 2 half-day 4 hours sessions.  And . . . it was a huge hit!  Imagine how encouraged I am after doing the FIRST one and getting this type of feedback from the attendees!  They were like sponges and participated so well!  Blew away my expectations!

Survey comments include:

“This is the best workshop to date. I learned a lot from it.”

“Fantastic workshop”

“Awesome.  Love the focus on changing yourself instead of team building.”

“It was amazing! Best workshop I’ve ever attended.”

“The attention to humor was an added plus. Great examples (stories) really fit the various topics.”

“Very informative. I’ve been to many seminars and this one was fabulous.  I took so much away from it.”

“Workshop was great.  I would not change anything.”

“It was the best workshop I have been to.  They are normally boring or the lessons don’t match.  This was engaging and I felt the content was specific to me personally.”

“John is funny and gets the point across.”

“The DVD’s are great!”

“I hope to attend future workshops that you do.”

“Great speakers.  I have learned a lot from this.  It is a real attitude adjustment.”

“Eye opening class and material.”

Want to learn more about how your team can profit from QBQ! training?  Click here for more information about workshops.

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