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What are Personal Skills Assessments?

What are Personal Skills Assessments?

Personal Skills Assessments | Assessment SolutionsPersonal Skills Assessments are surveys that measure soft skills: Things like how an individual communicates, manages their time, works with teams, solves problems and works with others to resolve conflict.

Added Value:

Some personal skills assessments also measure motivational drivers. These 12 Driving Forces reveal the unique motivation of individuals and is often used to ascertain job and culture fit and the improvement of employee engagement.

Who Can Benefit from Personal Skills Assessments?

Individuals can learn more about themselves and their personal strengths. They use use this information to advance their career. Those seeking jobs will understand what motivates them to a particular career path and sidestep the mistakes many make by accepting an unfulfilling job. By learning their areas of weakness, an individual can take action by proactively seeking additional training and development.

Business Owners, Managers, and H.R. Professionals can use Personal Skills Assessments to determine the right person for a new hire saving time and money for their company. The assessment surveys are also used for determining promotions within the organization.  Will a strong customer service rep such as Sarah do well as a salesperson? How will Larry do leading a project team? Is Joan cut out for department manager? Savvy business owners find out before making the decision. It’s good common sense.

How are Personal Skills Assessments Administered and What Comes Next?

The assessments can be ordered by contacting Bruce Mazzare at 254-776-6306 or writing They will be sent to your email and after completion, you will receive an emailed report. After you have time to “digest” the information, you will have a free phone debriefing.  If you feel in need of further assistance or training, Bruce will schedule a time to do this with you.

For more information about Personal Skills Assessments, click here.

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Bruce Mazzare has 40 years of experience training and developing the greatest asset to any organization – their people.  He has been a VAA for Target Training International for many decades and provides assessments for individuals and organizations.

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