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Personal Accountability Is For Whom?

By guest blogger, John G. Miller, author of QBQ

personal accountabilityI checked in on Twitter (@QBQGuy) and saw that someone had posted a photo of the QBQ! book, saying, “My next read!”

I was honored.

Then I noticed the rest of the Tweet: “QBQ! is about holding people accountable!”

So I hung my head and sighed.

Don’t get me wrong … I was thrilled for the social media plug. What hit me, though, was this thought:

Nothing has changed.

What hasn’t changed? This myth:

Personal Accountability is all about . . .  others.

Ah, no.

In 1996, I was in Tampa to keynote for a group of 700 pharma reps. I’d only been speaking for about a year, so this was going to be fun!

When my “Personal Accountability & the QBQ!” keynote was over, I stepped down from the platform. At that moment, the national sales manager reached the lectern, leaned into the mic, and said this to his 699 colleagues:

“Hope you listened because you all needed to hear that today.”

Ah, no.

A year later, in Minneapolis, I finished my session and left the stage. The CEO took my spot and pressed a button that projected this image:

“Personal Accountability begins with . . .  YOU!”

Ah, no.

In a more “relational” and personal context, I know of dads who’ve given the QBQ! book to their sons and moms to their daughters. And don’t get me started on how many husbands have left the book by the coffee pot for her to see or the wives who’ve placed a copy on his nightstand!

Then there are the managers who’ve handed them out to staff.

Of course, this author isn’t complaining. 🙂

And now, with Parenting the QBQ Way on the market, we’ve had a bunch of parents—before they got the book—say, “Terrific! A book I can use to …

“make my 12-year-old do his homework!”

“teach my teenager to speak to me more respectfully!”

“get my twentysomething off the couch and into the workforce!”

Ah, no.

FYI: Our parenting book is not for the kids. It’s for Mom and Dad.

Now, I know you could be thinking, But, John, I really do know people who need more accountability in their life! I’d love to see them reap the benefits of practicing it!

Fine, then here’s how you do it:

Hand that person the QBQ! book and say, “I’ve read this three times. I’m really working on me. Would you read it now and let me know how I’m doing working on me?”

Trust me, they’ll be eager to read it. Who knows, maybe they’ll find something in it for themselves, too.

And there’s nothin’ wrong with that!

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