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The Two-Step Organizational Climate Assessment only from MDS.

Worganizational climate hat is an Organizational Climate Assessment?

It is a tool  to learn if your perception of your organization is the same as your staff. The difference between how you see it and how your staff views their workplace is called a gap. In fact, the assessment measures six areas that could potentially show gaps:

  • Communication
  • Warmth & Support
  • Organization Clarity
  • Responsibility
  • Decisions
  • Team Spirit and Rewards.

Step 1:  You and your staff fill out the survey, and then we give you a feedback report showing the areas that need work.  But we don’t leave you there.

Step 2: MDS does something no one else does.  We help you drill down to close the gaps and resolve the challenges.

How can an Organizational Climate Assessment Help You?
Looking into the corporate mirror through the eyes of staff provides you with relevant and timely information that will identify top challenges as well as top assets. This report provides a benchmark for the current culture, measures growth potential and with the drill down capabilities becomes the catalyst for identifying and reaching a desired culture.

To learn more about how an Organizational Climate can sabotage your success, check out our free course here.

To view a sample report, please click on the download link on the right.

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