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Organizational Climate Assessments Bridge the Gap

By Bruce Mazzare, CEO Management Development Systems

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As a CEO, you have envisioned your organizational climate or culture and you have worked to make it a reality.  You might see it as a calm work environment with teams focused on customer service. You might presume your workforce is happy and working  efficiently toward one goal – the success of the organization. That’s your vision. The problem is each manager and every staff member views the organizational climate through their own lens of experience. There’s where the gap starts and left untended will certainly widen. So, how do you bridge the gap between ideal and reality?

We have found an Organizational Climate Assessment is the best way to bridge the gap between the ideal organizational climate and the reality of the current culture.  It measures the perceptions, feelings and behavior of the organization, and captures seven essential climate dimensions: Communication, Warmth & Support, Organization Clarity, Responsibility, Decisions. Team Spirit and Rewards.

Let me give you an example from one company that took the assessment. The results were definitely an eye opener for the owner who prided himself on his communication skills. According to the assessment, key managers felt that decision-making processes were unknown or ambiguous, assignments were confused and amended too often.  But that’s not the worst of it. Here was the impact to the organization:

  • Duplication of effort (wasted time)

  • Unneeded stress due to “surprises”

  • Overtime and turnover rates increased

  • Low performance

And this was found just from the communications section. It got worse. But we did not leave this organization with just data to go through; the next step was facilitating a group discussion for causes and solutions. We drilled down until we found action steps to work on. Six months later, the company tried again and were amazed how quickly they had closed the gap between the current and ideal culture.

Organizational Climate Assessments are changing companies in the US. Here are a couple of comments we received from clients:

“Every year we brought in a well-known company to do expensive climate assessments, and afterwards we received a huge report that was laborious to sort through. We basically ended up using them as a benchmark and nothing more. When we saw MDS’s drilldown capabilities, we jumped on it. Now, we finally have a way to solve some of these recurring issues. It just made good business sense.”

– T. Frazier, CFO Defense Contractor

“Learning from my employees was key in providing a culture that inspired personal growth through better communications and clarity. We implemented an action plan and within six months our organizational climate was transformed.”

– J. Renner, CEO of a Manufacturing Plant

If you’d like to see how your organization stacks up, contact us 254-776-6306 / We’d be honored to help you bridge the gap.

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