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MDS Workshop November 14, 2014

Join Us November 14 at the Baylor Club 8:30 AM through Lunch at 12:30 PM.

Discover how you can motivate your staff based on what is meaningful to them. It might surprise you to learn that money is not always the best motivator!

We will explore the many ways that people are motivated and how you can target what is important to your staff. You will even have a chance to look at your individual report showing your Behavioral and Behavior Style JPegMotivational Style. Managers have a tendency to think more money, means a happier workforce. Sometimes it has nothing to do with higher wagers; it could be more responsibility, more time off, or a happier work environment.




TEAM BuidlingLearn how you can build more effective teams that bring better communication, innovation and creativity to your organization.

Motivating your staff to work well together is essential in building a strong organization. Sometimes it’s just a matter of opening communication streams and facilitating a better understanding between your staff members.  We will show various ways to accomplish this goal and how to benchmark your progress.

Find out how you can improve your hiring practices by benchmarking jobs and finding the right talent fit for the right job.

Reduce Turn OverIt doesn’t take an MBA to see the disastrous affects of high turnover on your bottom line. An organization can spend a needless $25,000 or more on a bad hire. We will show you how to benchmark jobs making the selection and recruitment process effective and efficient. Plus, you will learn how to select new employees by their opinions on drugs in the workforce, theft and attitude toward authority.

The MDS Workshop is limited to 30 Seats, (2 per company) So Sign Up Today!

Each attendee will be sent a Behavior Style/Motivation Survey to fill out before the event. Reports will be distributed on November 14.  Plus you will receive handouts, pastries in the morning and lunch at the Baylor Club.

WHEN:  November 14, 2014

WHERE:  The Baylor Club at McLane Stadium in Waco

TIME:  8:30 AM – 8:50 AM Coffee, Tea and Chef Pastries, 8:50 – 12:30 Workshop & Refreshments, 12:30 Lunch

COST:  This is a $250 Value for just $89 including refreshments, handouts, personalized survey report and lunch

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October 27, 2014
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