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Is Your Management Training Effective?

Here’s How to Make Your Management Training Effective.

Four billion dollars are spent each year in training and only 15-20% is effective. Psychologists have studied this phenomenon and offer solutions. Find out how you can solve this puzzle to make your management training effective. These same principles can be applied to all training at every level of your business.

How much money is your company spending on training? Learn how to make your management training effective. Find out the difference between training and development to boost results from 20% to 100%. To watch the other short videos in this FREE ONLINE course which could save you thousands of dollars, increase your productivity and help you retain key employees, click here.

Most companies, corporations and organizations understand, in theory,  the advantages of training, but are disappointed when after a few months many of the managers slide back to their old paradigm of doing things. There is a reason for this which more training will not help. Learn what psychologists have found and put these findings into practice. No amount of training will help managers outstrip their identity, identity development along with training is the answer. This two-prong solution will reverse the training situation at your company and bring the results you want from the dollars you spend on training.

Bruce Mazzare has spent his life’s work helping businesses develop their managers and staff through assessment solutions, one-on-one coaching, workshops and leadership training. He provides online courses through his Winning Performance Academy. These courses provide solutions to Conflict in the Workplace, miscommunication and issues involving team development. Tap into Bruce’s vast knowledge here. 

If you would like to see samples of assessments to help you build your teams, motivate your staff and understand those around you, click here.

About Assessment Solutions

We  believe people are an organization’s most valuable resource. The selection, development, and resulting productivity of people is critical to a company’s growth, profitability, and survival. Assessment Solutions provides products, and implements services that promote the growth of People, Productivity, and Profits within an organization. We seek to help companies recognize their under-utilized staff members and show them how to encourage these members to greater productivity.

Assessment Solutions knows that every organization has a unique blend of people and philosophies that influence how problems are resolved. We continually provide a variety of products and services that are flexible and tailored to each company’s specific needs. We believe that leadership, management and team development is a process not an event. Proper assessment, training, selection and retention of people is of the highest importance.

 “Bruce is a man of integrity that you can trust. He understands adult-learning and conducts effective workshops that enables people and companies to change for the better. Bruce also cares for people, a characteristic of leadership that many lack, but not Bruce! Bring him to you organization today!” – John G. Miller, Author of “QBQ! The Question Behind the Question”

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