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Looking for a job? Wanting to change careers paths? Needing to up your game for advancement? Assessment Solutions brings you the chance to develop and enhance your job skills by providing our best job skills assessment program and training.

What is a Job Skills Assessment and What Can It Tell you?

An assessment is a survey which you fill out based on scientifically-researched questions. Your answers to the assessment/survey generate a report to help you learn more about yourself. An assessment identifies your skills, your motivational values and drivers, and other traits. A job skills assessment identifies career options best suited for you and help you:

Understand your strengths and weaknesses

By understanding which strengths, you possess you can highlight these on your resume and job applications. By knowing your weaknesses, you can easily define areas where you might consider additional training.

Learn which occupations line up with your individual blend of skills, and which ones do not

An assessment will tell you where your unique skills will fit in and where you will excel. By understanding this, you can save yourself from frustration and possibly years of unneeded stress.

What are Job (or employability) Skills?

A degree, license or certification may open doors for you, but you will need a good mix of job skills to make you successful and competitive.

Soft Skills (Key Competencies Skills)

These are basic skills that include your attitude, how well you get along with others and how well you make critical decisions. These soft skills are necessary to landing the job, keeping the job and getting in line or advancement.

Employers will be looking for three major skills sets: 

  • Basic academic skills (or higher, depending on the job)
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Personal qualities

We have several assessments to show you how you stack up in critical thinking skills and personal qualities.

Behavioral Styles

Job Skills Assessment Solutions - ASSESSMENT SOLUTIONSThis assessment is a scientific measure of how you behave in the workplace based on your natural style and adapted style. It reveals your communication style, how you function as a team member, how you respond to problems, challenges, rules and procedures set by others. After you take the assessment, you will receive a report outlying your strengths and areas you may need additional personal development.

Workplace Motivators – 12 Driving Forces

Job Skills Assessment programs - ASSESSMENT SOLUTIONSLearn what drives you. What are the motivating factors that cause you to act the way you do? Find out what your personal interests, attitudes and values are and how they make you into the unique person you are. This is a scientifically researched and proven tool to show you a uniquely designed career path that fits your motivational drivers. It will unveil the organizational culture of a company or career that fits your values: are you driven by monetary gain, aesthetics, truth and knowledge, helping others, traditional values?  Knowing this can set you on a path for success.

Team Building Assessments - ASSESSMENT SOLUTIONSTalent Insights

Job skills assessment programs - ASSESSMENT SOLUTIONSWe highly recommend learning your Behavioral Style and Motivational Drivers to give you a full picture of who you are and what you bring to the table. Talent Insights is a robust tool that offers both.  Based on the results of the assessment, you will receive an integrated report laying out the how and why behind your actions, and gives you ammunition for a great resume, interview and career path decisions.

To see which report assessment program best meets your needs: Download Samples of Reports.

Whether you are new to the work force, re-entering or planning a career change, our assessment programs will help you define your job skills, give you direction and vision for a new plan of action.


  1. Download the sample reports and choose those you might be interested in
  2. Contact us at to chat or ask questions
  3. We will send you an assessment via email which you will fill out
  4. Within as short time, a report is generated and sent to your email
  5. We will follow-up with a debriefing call. We will go over your report and answer any questions and give more feedback.


If you would like further help with additional training or coaching, we are available. Please see our programs here.


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