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It’s an Inside Sale

Where Growth Begins: It’s an Inside Sale.

In working with many organizations , profit and non-profit , most have very capable managers , staff and executives.  When developing a

plan for the organizational growth , we often begin with a simple workshop that helps clarify the participants behavior / leadership styles and their

primary motivational values / drivers of that behavior.

Great organizations have a very good mix of diverse styles and motivational values. This is a big asset , but can also be a big challenge to leadership as

getting this diverse group to work together can be frustrating .

To help , we provide guidance for the management team in developing a Strategic Vision for the organization ; generally looking

out about 5 to 7 years . This process is very challenging as most leaders / executives / managers are very short term, task orientated , focused.

It take much energy and effort to look beyond today , this week , this month , and see the bigger picture of where we really want to go and to be

in 5 – 7 years.

This focused , written , detailed picture, describes the organization in the future as to where , what and when . The how , is now developed

in short term increments of one year , one quarter , one month and in some cases weekly goals and tasks that will lead toward the strategic vision.

Included in this strategy plan is the development of both the executive / management team , as well as the staff .

That is where the real growth will begin  , ” It’s an Inside Sale ” .


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