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Human Resource Assessment – How an HR Pro Goes from Redundant to Valuable

By using a Human Resource Assessment, you can go from an old-school screener to a pro-active selection expert, and become a valuable asset to your company.

Each company works differently, but organizations who see their employees as valuable assets want to hire the best person for the right job, each and every time. They understand how expensive and disruptive bad hires can be. Too often, their selection/recruitment process leaves too many unknowns, too many uncertainties, and an HR professional is stuck with an “iffy” track record. When this happens, they are seen as a redundant part of the process that muddles the hiring process and are often removed from this important part of the job.

With Human Resource Assessments You Will Have the Tools You Need to be a Valuable Asset.

Becoming a most valuable player in any field is what we all should aspire to, but without the right tools, it’s hit or miss.

For example, without the correct tools, hiring recommendation are based on old school screening and selection of the top three candidates based on experience, reference checks and interview performance. There are inherent problems here. Back in the day, critical information was available from past employers, but today that information is limited and mostly useless.  Also, many good candidates – especially those who are introverted – have difficulty making a good first impression while candidates who might not be as qualified but are “good talkers,” sail through the interview with flying colors.

And then there is the problem with personalities. While you might “click” with an individual, the decision-maker is completely turned off, and the candidate is dismissed. Let’s face it, without objective reasoning; the hiring process is subjective.

Here are the Human Resource Assessments You Need to Be Great at Your Job

Job and Position Benchmarking

When you benchmark a job, you find out what behaviors, values, personal skills and task preferences are needed for superior performance. You probably already know each job category is unique and requires a set of skills, but you might not be aware that behaviors and personal values dictate how a candidate will perform and what will make them happy in that job. Knowing this and choosing the right candidate will raise productivity and lower employee turnover.

Compare Talent to the Job Benchmark

After the position is benchmarked and you have a clear picture of what a perfect hire “looks” like, now it’s just a matter of testing candidates and fitting them to the right job.

This process removes common biases and gives you sure-fire data to make the right hiring recommendations.

Here is a testimony from a client who uses our Human Resource Assessments. You might relate to what she had to say:

“Hiring is stressful to me because I’ve made some bad hires and took the heat for my decisions. I used to think I was a good judge of character and could tell how a candidate would perform. Not anymore – I learned I cannot always tell. Some people are masters at interviews and some people aren’t. We began using a Human Resource Assessment to benchmark all of our key positions. It was interesting to see what personality types and skills were needed for each job – some really surprised me. But, this process gave us a benchmark. From there on out, candidates were tested so we could choose the right person for the right job. To tell you the truth, for a while we dropped the survey process and hired a few people based on personal recommendations from managers in the company. That did not work out well at all and reminded us why we used the Human Resource Assessment, to begin with. I don’t think we’ll ever go back to our old ways again, at least I hope not!”  J. Summit, HR Manager.

To find out more about Human Resource Assessments and to download sample reports click here:

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October 26, 2016
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