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Have You Made These Mistakes?

By Bruce Mazzare

4 Mistakes People Make After Taking an Assessment

  1. You Stuck Your Assessment Feedback in a File Drawer. You took an assessment; then you didn’t know what to do with the information. You might have been overwhelmed by the information, accuracy, and the intimacy. Maybe the professional who provided the assessment didn’t give enough practical information on how to use this powerful feedback. So it ends up in a file. What you could have learned would have helped not only in the workplace but in relationships and life.
  2. You Focused on the Most Critical Statement. Did you obsess over the one statement which you considered the most critical and ignore the rest? Did you lose sight of the positive or constructive criticism and let your brain’s wiring short circuit the positive power of the assessment?
  3. You Kept the Feedback to Yourself. To learn more about yourself and test the accuracy of the reports, share the information.
  4. You Didn’t Use it to Appreciate Differences. An enriched life can come when you value differences in people and appreciate what each team member brings to the table. You will be amazed how reaching out to someone who has a different work style than you have will help in collaboration. You might be a task-oriented person while Jenna in the next office brings vision and out-of-the-box thinking to your projects. Collaborating with different styles not only makes the results of your projects better, each team member will learn from each other.

Bruce Mazzare, Founder and CEO of Management Development System has over 40 years of experience guiding individuals and organizations through the assessment process. He is the author of online courses which detail the process and give feedback on multiple assessments. For more information, contact


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