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What Happened to Personal Accountability?

By John Miller, from his book, QBQ, The Question Behind the Question

QBQ“I was looking for some coffee in a gas station convenience store, but the carafe was empty, so I said to the person behind the counter, ‘Pardon me, there’s no coffee in the pot.’ He pointed at a coworker not fifteen feet away and said, ‘Coffee is her department!’

“Department? In a roadside gas station the size of my living room?

“Another example:  On a cross-country flight, the flight attendant got on the intercom and said, ‘Sorry, everyone, but the movie we QBQpromised you will not be shown today. Catering put the wrong one on board.’

“In one form or another, we often hear, ‘It’s not my fault,’ ‘It’s not my job,’ or ‘It’s not my problem.'”

So, whatever happened to personal accountability?

 For the next month, I’ll be bringing you excerpts and accountability examples from John Miller’s book. He’s been writing and speaking about this concept since 1995, and the “topic resonates as deeply today as it ever has.” If you have stories to share about people who have stepped up to take personal accountability, let me know and I will share – Bruce Mazzare

For more information on QBQ, to purchase a book or to learn more about our QBQ Workshop training coming in March click here

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