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Good Customer Service

Good Customer Service equates to customer satisfaction equates to increased sales.

10 EQs & Personal Skills Needed to be a Good Customer Service Rep:

  1. Communication Skills:  A good customer service rep will listen to the customer and hear what they are saying. They will know when to listen and when to speak.
  2. Integrity:  Keeping promises made to customers is essential but learning to manage expectations is also important. A person with good customer service skills knows company policies and ensures any promise made to a customer is deliverable.
  3. Honesty: Being honest and upfront with customers is necessary even when the news is not positive. An honest answer builds trust and long-term relationships with customers.
  4. Follow-Up:  Ensure completed customer satisfaction by double-checking with customers after each offer, solution or sale.
  5. Product/Service Expertise:  An essential component is knowing what is being sold, and services offered. Investing in training can make the difference between a successful rep and an ineffective one.
  6. Negotiation/Persuasion Skills:  Knowing when there is an opening to make a sale and developing the ability to push the sale forward is key.
  7. Confidence & Tenacity:  Being confident in the organization’s product or service is half the battle, combine that with moving the sale through with tenacity, and a goal-oriented focus boosts sales.
  8. Deal Closer:  Once various options for solutions are presented, understanding how to close the deal and finalize the call is an essential part of the process.
  9. Calm under Pressure:  Working under pressure while meeting deadlines, speaking with upset customers and finding solutions quickly requires discipline and personal skills.
  10. Going the Extra Mile: Finding the solution to a customer issue sometimes takes a little more time or research, the customer service rep that truly cares about the customer and their needs will take an extra step to keep the customer satisfied.

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