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Employee Skills Assessment Program for Selection & Recruitment

For Human Resource Professionals and Small Business Owners and Managers:

Hiring the right employees is a challenging process. Hiring the wrong employees is expensive, costly to your work environment, and time consuming. Hiring the right employees enhances your work culture and pays you back a thousand times over in high employee morale, positive forward thinking planning, and through accomplishing challenging goals. Employee skill assessments take the guess work out of the process and provide an objective overview of a candidate’s behaviors, skills and performance levels.

“As any HR person knows, hiring the right person for the job is critical. A bad hire is expensive and eats up time that few of us can spare. I have eliminated 99% of mistakes by using the assessments from Assessment Solutions.  I would recommend this company and their products without question.”  – S. Lance, HR Director

“Every time we tried to side-step the interviewing survey and hired someone based on personal preference, we made a mistake.” J. Loomis, Office Manager.

Employees Performance and Skill Assessment Programs - ASSESSMENT SOLUTIONSBehavior Style and Motivational Driver Assessments will show how prospective employees:

  • Communicate
  • Solve problems
  • Manage time and projects
  • Relate to others
  • Handle responsibility
  • Work in a team
  • Are motivated

Employees Performance and Skill Assessment Programs - ASSESSMENT SOLUTIONSEmployee Skill Set Assessments can be specific to positions such as sales and management and show:

  • Critical management skills
  • Conflict resolution
  • Results orientation
  • Leadership focus
  • Opportunity analysis
  • Planning and organization
  • Self and project management
  • Staff focus

Employees Perfomance and Skill Assessment Programs - ASSESSMENT SOLUTIONSTalent & Job Fit Assessments

Businesses everywhere are seeking better ways to secure the talent necessary for success. But what talent does a job require for superior performance? Only the JOB has the answer, so let the job talk and listen carefully.  We offer a patented job benchmarking process which enables businesses to assess the job and talent to find the best job fit. When the talent required by the job is clearly defined and in turn matched to the individual, everyone wins!  These surveys incorporate the Job Benchmarking Process. This unique and effective solution benchmarks a specific job, not the people in the job. To do this, we let the job talk through an interactive process and job assessment.

Employees Perfomance and Skill Assessment Programs - ASSESSMENT SOLUTIONS

Interviewing Insight Assessments

This report analyzes behavioral style and gives you information to thoroughly prepare and conduct the selection/interview process.

Employees Perfomance and Skill Assessment Programs - ASSESSMENT SOLUTIONSManagement-Staff Behavior Styles Survey

This report measures four dimensions of normal behavior: response to challenges, degree of influence, response to the pace of the environment, response to rules and procedures.

Employees Perfomance and Skill Assessment Programs - ASSESSMENT SOLUTIONSPersonal Talent Skills Inventory

A premier, three-dimensional assessment that includes a candidate’s Behavioral Styles, Workplace Motivators and Skills and Attitude. HR Professional use this report for key personnel hires and for management positions.

Employees Perfomance and Skill Assessment Programs - ASSESSMENT SOLUTIONSJob Candidate Attitude Survey 

Find out a candidate’s attitude toward drugs, theft and authority.  Based on the candidate’s answers you will be given key areas of concerns and prompts for further discussion and resolution.

Employee Skills Assessment Program for Business Owners and Managers

Everyday Scenarios:

  • You’ve re-positioned a valued customer service representative to outside sales, and she isn’t performing as you’d hoped.
  • You’ve promoted a key employee to manager of his division and productivity has slipped.
  • You’ve hired a store manager and inventory figures don’t add up.

Assessments will help you pinpoint the issue to aid you in your evaluation. The assessments take the guess work out of what is not working for the employees and for you. These assessments will offer additional training needs, and if the individual is even cut out for the new assignment or position. You can even find out employees’ attitudes concerning theft, authority figures and drugs in the workplace. Assessment Reports delved deeply into the “what” of an individuals’ behavior style and the “why” found in motivational drivers. Performance issues, skill sets and behavior issues will become clear and give you the clues needed to change the situation into a positive experience for both you and your employees.

Employees Perfomance and Skill Assessment Programs - ASSESSMENT SOLUTIONSTo evaluate an employee, you may choose from the assessments outlined above.

Assessment Solutions provides employee skills assessment, benchmark consulting, workshops, speaking and online courses so you are never on your own for employee performance or skill evaluations. We are the experts with over 40 years of experience.  Contact us today at, call 254-776-6306 or download a sample report below.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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