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An Employee Skills Assessment Makes You Cash

Employee Skills Assessment for HR and Business Owners

Too often hiring is based on subjectivity and personality compatibility between the interviewer and the interviewee. But, an employee skills assessment takes the guesswork out of hiring and eliminates the subjectivity. The assessment takes into account what skill sets are needed for the job based on an accurate and scientifically researched benchmarking process, and then matches the candidate to the job.

Yes, it cost something, but in the long term, an Employee Skills Assessment adds to your bottom line.

I have clients who never hire without an employee skills assessment. They have learned over time how cost-effective they are and how costly it is to make a bad hire. We’ve all been. Even the best of us make hiring mistakes. And we know how much it costs to lose months of training, the retraining process, not to mention lost wages and disruption to the office environment.

Another Way an Employee Skills Assessment Produces Cash is in the Promotion Process

Let’s say you have an incredible customer service rep. Customers love Jenni, and she is your #1 in repeat business. You decide to promote her to Sales Manager in charge of ten outside sales people.  Unfortunately, the skills required for sales management are not even close to customer service. She flops, sales lag and existing customers go somewhere else. It’s a disaster. To stop the dollar hemorrhage, your fastest course of action is to move Jenni back to customer service, which she now sees as a demotion. Because she didn’t have the personality type or skills to manage, motivate and run a sales force, she’s now demotivated to excel at her old job, and eventually, she leaves.

Employee Skills Assessments

Here’s how an Employee Skills Assessment Could Have Saved Jenni and Helped the Company

Our skill set assessments can be specific to positions such as sales and management. If Jenni had taken a survey before changing positions she would have been measured on the following skills:

  • Critical management skills
  • Conflict resolution
  • Results orientation
  • Leadership focus
  • Opportunity analysis
  • Planning and organization
  • Self and project management
  • Staff focus

Jenni’s feedback report would clearly show areas of strengths and weaknesses. Instead of setting her up for failure, you could have invested in training and development prior to her promotion, or made a joint decision that she was not right for the job, but excellent in her current position.

Investing in Training and Development is Simply Smart Business

No matter the amount of equipment, market-share, or inventory a company has, there is no doubt people are an organization’s greatest asset, and it will be that way until we become a nation of highly engineered robots. The companies who understand that have low turnover, are innovators and visionaries.

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