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Dina Came to Us for a Job Skills Assessment. She Left Amazed.

Wanting to Change Her Career Path, a Job Skills Assessment Broadened Her World

Dina Came to Us for a Job Skills Assessment. She Left Amazed.Have you ever known someone who chose a career path in their early teens and stuck with it through college later to learn they didn’t like what they were doing? That was Dina. Even though she was good at accounting, the CPA path proved to be unrewarding and left her unfulfilled.

Dina came to us about six years into her career. Now in her late twenties, she was successfully running a small CPA firm and bored out of her mind. She hired us to help her find a new career path, and the first thing we did was give her a Job Skills Assessment. Together, we went through her personalized report, and the reasons for her lack of enthusiasm were obvious.

Dina was one of those people who had multiple talents and could have gone in many different directions. The Job Skills Assessment brought all those talents in focus, overlaying them until a clear picture was evident.  Dina was a people-person. She was creative, innovative with a highly analytical mind. Because she had been good in math and her father had been an accountant, that is the path Dina gravitated toward. What she didn’t consider was the dichotomy of her strengths and motivational factors that moved her heart far from her chosen profession.

The assessment we used to determine the best options for Dina is called Personal Talent Skills Inventory. It measured three dimensions:  Dina’s behavior style, her motivational drivers, skills/aptitude.

This Job Skills Assessment showed some extremely high strengths for Dina.  While she used some of these strengths in her CPA business, for the most part, she was not satisfied and dreaded going to the office every day.  In our coaching sessions with Dina, we drilled down on her strengths and came up with options for a new career path.

We’ll let you consider a few of her strong abilities and see if you can guess where Dina ended up:

INTEGRATIVE ABILITY –  Dina can see different components of a situation and tie them together to see the situation as a whole.

PROACTIVE THINKING –  Dina has an uncanny capacity to think ahead to realistically evaluate the consequences of current actions, processes, and decisions.

PROBLEM SOLVING – She demonstrates the ability to identify key components of the problem, possible solutions and the action plan to obtain the desired result.

REALISTIC GOAL SETTING FOR OTHERS – She can define realistic and manageable goals for others using specific time frames and the resources at hand.

EMPATHETIC OUTLOOK – Dina gets people and can perceive and understand the individuality in others

FREEDOM FROM PREJUDICES – She maintains objectivity when relating to other people.

As you probably guessed, Dina could have succeeded and been happy in many businesses, as long as she was helping people and working one-on-one with individuals. But what Dina decided to do was open an employment agency placing people in the right jobs.

By the way, she uses our Job Skills Assessment for every person who signs on with her service. She has built a solid reputation for dependable and long-lasting relationships with her mid to large size client corporations. And of course, the people she places on the right career path love her and have promoted her business to friends and colleagues.

If you find yourself a 9-to-5er with a lost zeal for your chosen profession, contact us. Through a Job Skills Assessment and some personal coaching, we can drill down to find a new career path for you.

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December 9, 2016
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