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Communication Effectiveness Workshop

Communication Effectiveness Workshop

Bruce Mazzare will lead your organization through a dynamic communication workshop that can help your people understand themselves and their team members. By understanding themselves they can excel at what they do best and develop a plan to overcome their shortcomings. By understanding their team members they will learn how to communicate more effectively to establish a rock solid cohesive unit in the workplace.

“Bruce is an expert in his area of expertise. I would highly recommend Bruce to anyone who is considering working with him.” – Dave Kurlan, Bestselling Author, Top Rated Speaker, Leading Sales Leadership Expert

The Dynamic Communication Effectiveness Workshop Will Help Participants:
•    Understand the benefits of applying a behavioral communication model.
•    Understand their own behavioral design.
•    Recognize, understand and appreciate others’ behavioral designs.
•    Adapt their behaviors for enhanced communication, understanding and relationships.
•    Identify behavioral styles by observing tone of voice, words, body language and pace.

The Dynamic Communication Effectiveness Workshop is based on DISC, which Measures Behavior and Emotions:
• D – Dominance
• I – Influence
• S – Steadiness
• C – Compliance

Each workshop attendee receives an in-depth workbook that provides a great resource for learning and understanding the language of DISC. With general characteristics, descriptions, examples and exercises, this workbook helps attendees learn how to recognize, understand and apply the DISC behavioral model for better communications.

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