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Can this Person Sell?

can-this-person-sellHave you ever mistakenly hired a new sales person based on a “gut feeling” they had what it took to be a great sales person? Have you ever moved a customer service rep to outside sales, only to be disappointed?

After a new salesperson is hired or a customer service rep transfers to outside sales, most companies offer minimal training, provide a potential customer list and send the salesperson out the door. In three- to-six months, a decision is made to keep the employee or let them go. If the decision is to let the employee go, they move on to the next person, asking “can this person sell?” It can be an expensive proposition because every time a new sales person takes over the reigns momentum is lost.

Finding a person who not only can sell, but is a good performer is not easy, but here are 5 fool-proof standards to look for:


Good performers have the ability to react accurately to the behavior and emotions of customers. They can easily establish rapport and put people at ease in their presence. They have good listening skills and ask questions that require more than a yes or no answer.


Focused individuals who are goal-oriented have the ability to articulate their goals clearly and assign timelines. They do not depend on someone else for direction or guidance. They are self-disciplined and conscientious in servicing customers.


This person gets things done and does not blame others when placed in a difficult situation. They possess an appropriate sense of urgency and anticipate consequences. They take appropriate action when situations require action. They maintain a positive outlook and tend to admire and not criticize, although they can accept valid criticisms and suggestions to improve their performance.


This optimism shows up as they focus on what can do rather than what they cannot accomplish. This person is persistent, and though they are disappointed at failure, they refuse to accept it personally. They do not allow rejection on one sales call to affect their ability on the next.


To this person, sales is all about winning.  This salesperson exhibits an ego-drive that pushes him to be on top. He or she possesses good leadership qualities, does not manipulate but relies on trust and rapport for results. People driven by competition are like magnets to sales because it provides personal gratification.

Looking for this person?

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