Assessment Solutions

Business Solutions

We have your business solutions for effective team management, individual development, human resources and building a successful sales force.  Even though you are able to take our assessments without a workshop, we suggest holding a workshop with Management Development System to get the most out of the information.  

Company Development

Organizational Climate/Culture Assessment

business-solutionsLooking into the corporate mirror through the eyes of staff provides you with relevant and timely information that will identify top challenges as well as top assets. This business solution report provides a benchmark for the current culture, measures growth potential and with the drill down capabilities becomes the catalyst for identifying and reaching a desired culture. See Sample Report

Team Building and Effectiveness

business solutions

Simply put, these team effectiveness assessments are surveys to measure and build up your teams.  If you are having issues with your teams working together, you understand how their issues can affect your productivity and profits. See Sample Report

Business Coaching Programs & Workshops

Depending on your desired outcome, we will customize the assessments and workshop to fit your company’s needs.  During the Executive Review meeting, we will identify your customized needs as an organization.  Learn more about our workshops now.  Areas of critical concern are:

  • Communication
  • Team Building
  • Employee Benchmarks or Selection and Recruitment
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Blending of Personnel Due to Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Leadership Development
  • Stress Management

Consulting and Mentoring

Whether Bruce and his team are mentoring one-on-one or consulting with business owners and their team leaders, a focused game plan is the result. With highly-trained professionals with 40 years of experience, Assessment Solutions provides management and leadership skills training and development, individual and team building training, as well as sales team development. The company provides workshops and assessments to draw out the best of each individual and improve how they relate to their team members, customers and clients. Learn more now!


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