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How to Beat Procrastination with 5 Easy Tips

Let’s face it, some of us are more organized than others. Organization seems to come naturally to some while others have issues such as procrastination.

If you are prone to  procrastination, it might be because you haven’t learned these five easy list tips.

  1.  Make a list.  You’ve no doubt heard this over and over again, and you intend to do it, but you keep putting it off. You wait until crunch time – maybe the day before vacation – and make an unrealistic list that even Superman could not complete, so be realistic. Only you know how much time you have and how much you have to do. Be realistic about how much time it is going to take to get each task completed. If your list is unrealistic, you are setting yourself up for failure and discouragement. You will get part way through your list and give up.
  2. Prioritize your list. If there is something on your list you tend to let go, or is something you have to do but don’t like to do – do it first. Get it over with. Think through what steps are required to complete a task. For example, if research or phone calls are required to gather information to complete a report, list those. Don’t just write down:  Do report. List the tasks required for the completed task.
  3. Write your list the night before. Some will tell you to start your morning organizing your day, but it’s better to start your day with a clear vision of what you need to do so you can hit the ground running.
  4. Check off what you have done throughout the day. This will give you a great deal of satisfaction as your list grows shorter and shorter. If you don’t accomplish everything on your list for one day, transfer these items to your next day’s list.
  5. At the end of the day, congratulate yourself for what you have accomplished but think about what you haven’t done and ask yourself why? Was it because of distractions? Because you didn’t want to do it, so you put it off for another day? Was it because you were unrealistic in your expectations? Be honest with yourself and work on what issue at a time.

Remember, the definition of procrastination is: To delay, to put something off. So, keep reminding yourself:  If it’s on the list it needs to get done. The more you transfer that “undone” item to the next day’s list, the harder it will be to just do it!

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