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Based on His Employee Skills Assessment, Would You Hire Jason?

Here is a Case Study based on an Employee Skills Assessment used by one of our clients

Based on His Employee Skills Assessment, Would You Hire Jason?Whether you are a Human Resource professional, a business owner or in a key hiring position, you know how costly hiring mistakes can be. And you know it’s hard not to be subjective when making a decision. It’s human nature to choose a candidate you like – whether or not they are the right candidate for the job. Sure, we all try to be objective, but some candidates give better interviews than others, and some are just better talkers than others.

Case Study

One of our clients was ready to make a hiring decision. They were on the third interview with Jason when they called us for an Employee Skills Assessment. While one of the interviewers thought Jason hung the moon, the second had doubts, and since the position was a key management position in the organization, they didn’t want to make a mistake.

The management position was over the Research and Development Department. Essential to the manager’s success was the ability to lead a team comprised of both innovative and analytical staff. Based on Jason’s resume, this skill set appeared to be in Jason’s wheelhouse.

Jason’s Employee Skills Assessment told a different story

The first interviewer who gave the green light saw something in Jason the Employee Skills Assessment verified:

The following is an excerpt from Jason’s personalized report:

“Jason is comfortable in an environment that may be characterized by high pressure and is variety-oriented. He displays a high energy factor and is optimistic about the results he can achieve. The word “can’t” is not in his vocabulary. He is forward-looking, aggressive and competitive. His vision for results is one of his positive strengths. He is a self-starter who likes new projects and is most comfortable when involved with a wide scope of activities. He enjoys authority, independence and the freedom that goes with his aggressive approach to problem-solving. Some would see Jason as an initiator.”

The second interviewer who had doubts about Jason’s management style for this particular department saw the following which the Employee Skills Assessment also verified:

The following is an excerpt from Jason’s personalized report:

“Jason seeks his own solutions to problems. He is a dominant, forceful and direct person who wants to be seen as an individualist. He embraces visions not always seen by others. Jason should realize that at times he needs to think a project through, beginning to end, before starting the project. Sometimes he may be so opinionated about a particular problem that he has difficulty letting others participate in the process. He may lose interest in what others are saying if they ramble or don’t speak to the point. His active mind is already moving ahead. His creative and active mind may hinder his ability to communicate to others effectively. Jason should exhibit more patience and ask questions to make sure that others have understood what he has said. He likes people who give him options as compared to their opinions. The options may help him make decisions, and he values his own opinion over that of others! He tends to be intolerant of people who seem ambiguous or think too slowly.”

Individually, both interviewers saw a different side of Jason’s work behavior.  But could Jason add value to the organization? The Employee Skills Assessment pointed out his potential value:

  • Tenacious
  • Verbalizes his feelings
  • Challenge-oriented
  • Usually, makes decisions with the bottom line in mind
  • Competitive
  • Negotiates conflicts
  • Forward-looking and future-oriented
  • Innovative

And the Employee Skills Assessment offered ways to communicate with Jason to make his skills most effective. Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Read the body language  ̶  look for impatience or disapproval.
  • Support the results, not the person, if you agree.
  • Motivate and persuade by referring to objectives and results.
  • Provide questions, alternatives, and choices for making his own decisions.
  • Present the facts logically and plan your presentation efficiently.
  • Come prepared with all requirements, objectives and support material in a

well-organized “package.”

Of course, the 45-page report included a greater depth of decision-making information, but even in this brief review, you can see why there was a conflict among those responsible for hiring Jason. The EmployeeSkills Assessment raised valid questions about Jason’s ability to lead a team. Was he too much of an individualist? Would he bring conflict to an otherwise harmonious work environment? Would there be a problem arriving at consensus?  On the other hand, Jason would obviously be a strong leader and would get results.  Those responsible for hiring had to weigh the issues raised and make a decision.


The Employee Skills Assessment report offered steps for communicating with and motivating Jason to fit into their organizational culture. The report also provided professional development action steps. The bottom line:  Before the hire, the company could commit to a training program for Jason because now they knew the pros and cons. They could decide up-front if the pros outweighed the cons. Or they could continue their recruitment for a manager of the R&D department.


Interestingly, the organization decided to hire Jason, but in a different capacity. His strong individualistic style did not lend itself well to leading a team, but he is now one of their most effective Field Representatives.


If the company had not done an Employee Skills Assessment and had hired Jason to lead the R&D department, he could have brought havoc to the organization which might have resulted in staff turnover, stress related illnesses and eventually in Jason’s termination.   Because they did an Employee Skills Assessment, they found a good job fit for Jason and acquired an excellent, productive employee.

Assessment Solutions offers Employee Skills Assessments for Managers, Staff, and Sales. Our reports target different skills needed for varying positions. Each assessment includes a personalized report.

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December 15, 2016
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