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Assessments & Samples

Assessments & Samples

To see samples of our assessments, please click on links below. If you are looking for a solution not included in our vast library of assessment reports, please contact us for assistance. We are ready to help you find exactly what you and your organization need. Our assessments have been developed through decades of workplace research and are the most scientifically-based surveys in the world.

DISC Behavioral Styles


DISC measures four behavioral styles of an individual: “D” for dominate, “I” for influence, “S” for steadiness and “C” for compliance. It’s a scientific measure of how an individual behaves in their adapted style and their natural style.  Companies and organizations use this tool to measure how a person behaves and is used to improved teamwork and recognize communication styles. It is also used for coaching, management and staff development, selection and recruitment. After the assessment, the individual receives a fully customized report to help them, and their supervisors understand their work style, aid in development and open communication lines between teams and management/staff. DISC is a powerful tool for conflict resolution.  The feedback report provides information for a plan of action.

Download Sample:  Sample DISC Mangement.Staff 2016


Workplace Motivators – 12 Driving Forces


Knowing what drives a person to succeed is found in the 12 Driving Forces™ (Motivators). This tool provides the key to unlocking the reasons someone acts the way they do. Where DISC is the “what,” Workplace Motivators is the “why” behind an individual’s actions.  Rooted in Eduard Spranger’s esteemed 1928 research, 12 Driving Forces reveals the unique motivation of individuals and is often used to ascertain job and culture fit and the improvement of employee engagement.

Download Sample: 12 Driving Forces 2016





Talent Insights™


Talent Insights is a robust tool that combines DISC and Workplace Motivators. Based on the results of the assessment, an integrated report lays out the how and why behind an individual’s actions.  Talent Insights examines the behaviors individuals bring to the job and the driving forces (motivators) that drive them and is used to build better communication, coach and engage and in the selection of team members.

Download Sample: Talent Insight-management-staff

To learn more about how behavior styles combined with workplace motivators can help management staff succeed, download Rock Your Style and Drive Your Forces




DNA Assessment


TriMetrix DNA Assessment is a three-prong approach to describing behavior, motivations and decision-making processes. Soft skill mastery is also revealed.  DNA examines the behaviors individuals bring to the job, the motivators/driving forces that drive them and the ability to demonstrate the competencies required by the job. This powerful tool is used for talent development in management and high-potential team members as well as for evaluating job fit.

 Download Sample: TriMetrix.DNA Management Staff 2016



Emotional Intelligence EQ


To find an accurate measure of emotional intelligent, this scientific tool measures an individual’s ability to sense, understand and effectively apply the power of emotional well-being to expedite a high level of collaboration and productivity. This is an excellent tool for leadership development, team engagement, and coaching.

Download Sample: Emotional Quotient




Stress Quotient®


Measuring workplace stress in seven index factors, the Stress Quotient helps reduce turnover and stress-related medical issues. It also reveals morale issues and is used to identify root causes of stress. The information gathered from this assessment helps create a plan that addresses causes and finds paths for the improvement of performance and productivity.

Download Sample: Stress Quotient



Sales Skills Index™


The Sales Skills Index objectively analyses how effectively a person understands strategies require for successful selling in any sales environment. Companies use it to see if a person has the ability to sell if they understand the process and as a comparison against top performers. It is a comprehensive tool for selection and recruitment and sales training.

Download Sample: Sales Skills Index

In addition to this report, we offer Sales Behavior (DISC), Sales Attitude and a specific report for Personal Skills including Sales & Management. Download these reports.

Or for more information about our Sales Training assessments click here.



Team Building Assessments

Team Building 200 x 200We offer several assessments to help organization build teams, including assessments that measure effectiveness, and a tracking assessment that measures how teams are progressing.  In addition, we offer a Team Building online course in our Winning Performance Academy  designed for rapid team building in organizations. To learn more about our Team Building solutions click here.

Download Sample: Team Building  

Download additional Team Building Reports.


360 Degree Survey

360 degree survey 200 x 200The 360 Degree Survey is a feedback process where superiors, peers and sometimes even customers evaluate an individual. The analysis from the survey shows not only how an individual perceives themselves but how others perceive them. Click here to learn more about 360 Degree Surveys




Organizational Culture/Climate

Organizational Culture 200 x 200

This is a tool  to learn if your perception of your organization is the same as your staff. The difference between how you see it and how your staff views their workplace is called a gap. In fact, the assessment measures six areas that could potentially show gaps:

  • Communication
  • Warmth & Support
  • Organization Clarity
  • Responsibility
  • Decisions
  • Team Spirit and Rewards.

Click here to learn more about the Organizational Climate Survey



 Personal Skills

Personal Skills 200 x 200How well do you understand yourself? These personal skills assessments can be used personally to learn more about yourself, or by organizations to determine job placements, whether an individual is management or sales material, how they will fit in with the organization. To read more about Personal Skills Assessments and see Sample Reports click here.

To view a comprehensive list of our assessments & samples including Individual and Management Assessments, please click here.

Our products are available online and many are included as an integral part of  our online courses. They are available for individuals and groups and include a report debrief by Bruce Mazzare. Many of the assessments can be customized to meet a specific organizational need. If you have a specific issue facing you or your organization, and would like to talk to Bruce, contact him at  or call 254-776-6306


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