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Assessment Solutions Offers Free Online Course for Business Owners

Learn Three Tips to Increase Your Bottom Line in 2017

Waco TX: January X, 2017Assessment Solutions has produced a short, but robust online course with three video modules as part of the company’s Winning Performance Library.  Each module deals with a specific issue universal to companies nationwide and covers concise information gained in 40 plus years of experience in small to medium business.

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to view this Free Video course which offers practical solutions for effective training and development, the cost of running your business in “status quo” mode and the model for progressive growth. Each video features Bruce Mazzare, Founder, and CEO of Management Development Systems and Assessment Solutions.

“I have used this material for clients who are wanting better results in their training programs, others who have an organizational culture which is affecting their productivity and still others who are trying to overcome high employee turnover,” said Mazzare. “These issues seem to be universal concerns, so we put together a three-part course offering solutions.”

The module that tackles training issues is entitled, Identity/Role Model and answers the concerns businesses have about their training methods. According to a national survey, only 15% of the four billion dollars spent yearly on training in the US is effective. A group of psychologists has studied this and offer a reason and a solution. Bruce covers this information in this five-minute course.

The second video, the Model for Progressive Growth shows how productivity can become hung-up because of a snag in the system. This video module is three minutes.

The third video module is The Cost of Status Quo and is five minutes in duration. Bruce takes the viewer through an employee’s work life in a company – from their first day until they are either terminated, quit or successfully move on to establish a career as a motivated and competent employee. He explains how incompetent, de-motivated employees drag others down and promote high turnovers within the ranks. He offers solutions and downloads to help managers understand how much this is costing their companies, and what they can do to stop the drain of resources.

To view or learn more about this Free Video Course: 3 Game-Changing Roadblocks to Success click here. Learn more about Assessment Solutions Call us at 254-776-6303 or email us

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