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Assessment Solutions Debunks a Long-Standing Myth

And we have assessment solutions to prove it.

Based on my 40 years of experience working with assessment solutions in organizations to develop staff and leadership, I have heard managers repeat the myth time and time again… “25% of our employees are not competent or motivated to do a good job. That’s why our turnover is so high.”

I call it the cost of status quo. If companies and managers continue to expect less, then that’s what they get.  I have created a FREE online course to show you how to debunk this myth in your organization:

Assessment Solutions

Management plays a huge role in how employees perform. It’s the old sow what you reap principle –  If managers expect less out of their workers, that’s what they get. If they don’t value their employees, thinking they are lazy, unmotivated or uncaring about the company; Eventually, that’s what the employees become. The sad truth of the matter is once an employee reaches the stage of fulfilling a company’s low expectation, he or she is usually terminated or resigns.

Most employees enter a company highly motivated to do a great job. Yes, they need training to become completely competent, but they are motivated to learn and produce.  After a few weeks or months of on-the-job training, they are still motivated but by now, most are competent. They are in their honeymoon period of feeling good about the company and themselves. As time goes on, many start feeling demotivated, and this lack of motivation makes them lose some of their competency. They get bored, lose interest, and their production suffers. The final stage of their employment is the “I give up” period. They are putting in their hours but getting less and less done. But something worse is happening, these disgruntled employees are spreading their unhappiness throughout the organization. They are pulling the motivated co-workers into their web of complaints and dissatisfaction.

Assessment Solutions Debunks a Long-Standing MythSo, how much is the cost of status quo costing companies? Let’s do the math.

Let’s say you have 100 employees, and as I’ve heard from company owners across the nation, you have 50% who are demotivated. Statistically out of these 50 employees, half of them are now non-effective or unproductive. That’s 25 people. Let’s say they make between $30,000 and $40,000 annually. That’s $750,000 to one million dollars a year in lost wages. You are not going to find that number anywhere on your P & L – it’s a hidden cost that is eating your lunch – wiping out profits.

What are other associated costs besides non-productive employees? High turnover, termination, selection and recruitment are all costs directly related to the cost of keeping up your “status quo.”

So how can you change this around and debunk the myth that 25% of your workers will be nonproductive and demotivated? Let’s look at some of the problems and solutions:

Problem: Mismanagement

  • Assessment Solutions:  Develop specific training for management, supervisory and communication skills plus interpersonal relationship development.

Problem: Underutilized Staff

  • Assessment Solutions: Develop a reward and recognition system for your high performing staff and achievers.

Problem: Wrong Person in the Wrong Spot

  • Assessment Solution: Develop a better job match for talent and position. Establish job benchmarks which allow you to match the job requirements, skills, behaviors and motivational drivers to the job.

It’s a funny thing about motivation. Often managers or company owners automatically think more money will solve the problem, when in reality, each individual is driven by unique motivations.

For example, in our motivational drivers’ assessment solution, employees are measured for 16 different workplace motivators. We have found some employees are driven by opportunities in learning, some want to feel they are heard, that their ideas have value, others want a harmonious, fun working environment, etc. When a company can meet the needs of these workplace motivations, production increases, turnover is down, and the bottom line reflects a happy workforce.

Assessment Solutions, plus staff and management training and development, can completely change the organizational culture. When that culture changes, myths about what to expect in the workforce are debunked for good. For more information, please visit

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September 14, 2016
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