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Announcing a New Comparison Survey for Human Resource Assessment

Talent Insight Comparison Offers Side by Side Comparison of Two Top Candidates

Waco, TX, February ____ 2017: Human Resource Professionals and others who make business hiring decisions can now remove the guesswork in the selection process. This new Talent Insight Comparison offers side-by-side visuals of the behavioral styles and driving forces of candidates. Human Resource Assessment can be used for onboarding new employees, promotion selection, employee development and even matching employees to projects.

“I see a broad application for this new assessment,” said Bruce Mazzare, Founder, and CEO of Assessment Solutions. “Not only does it take the guesswork and subjectivity out of the selection process but it can be used for conflict resolution.  When two people in the organization are not getting along, the whole team suffers. By using this two-person comparison, a manager or Human Resource professional can pinpoint areas of irritant and work toward a peaceful resolution. Mazzare adds, “In addition, this comparison survey can be offered to a new employee and their manager or team members, so they get to know each better in a shorter time. It also has application for board members or teams working on specific projects.”

Assessment Solutions has been working with organizations for decades helping with selection/recruitment tools through Human Resource Assessments. This new survey will not only shorten the selection time but will deliver accurate data critical for good hiring decisions.

To view of sample report of the Talent Insight Comparison (link:

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Assessment Solutions offers assessment surveys for individuals, organizations, and corporations.  The company’s founder and CEO, Bruce Mazzare is a VAA with Target Training International and has over 40-years-experience in sales and management/staff development. Visit for a full listing of the company’s business development programs.

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January 6, 2017
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