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8 Key Personal Skills Needed to Advance Your Career in Management

8 Key Personal Skills Needed to Advance Your Career in Management

Personal Skills | ASSESSMENT SOLUTIONSIf you are currently a manager and edging for that next big promotion, the more you know about your personal skills, and apply that knowledge, the more quickly you will advance. As humans, our “blind-side” often prevents us from viewing ourselves objectively and often it is difficult to see ourselves as others see us. There is a way around this, with our 8 key Personal Skills, which take our skills and talents out of the subjective realm into the objective.

Assessment Solutions offers several personal skills assessments for managers. They measure critical areas of behavior and motivating factors for personal development.

The 8 Key Personal Skills Needed to Advance Your Career in Management are:

  1. Critical Management Skills
  2. Conflict Resolution
  3. Getting Results
  4. Leadership Focus
  5. Opportunity Analysis
  6. Planning/Organization
  7. Self & Project Management
  8. Staffing Focus

After taking the survey, you will be provided a detailed report. Your strengths are highlighted as well as key areas you will need to work on to further your future advancement.

Imagine knowing that these were your strengths:

  • Wants to maximize time and resources now, as opposed to later.
  • Very creative in solving problems.
  • Seeks the challenge and opportunity to win.
  • Bottom-line focused when leading others.
  • Brings enthusiasm to practical situations.
  • Sees the positive in all resources and will want to use resources
  • accordingly.
  • Motivates others to be the best they can be.
  • Positively promote the image of the organization.

How could you use the 8 Key Personal Skills to your advantage? This is the type of critical data you will learn about yourself to use moving forward in negotiations for advancement.

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