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What Are Your Daily Habits? Here Are 8 Daily Habits That Can Bring Success.

Are your daily habits hindering your success?

Losing bad daily habits and creating new ones is the first step to propel you forward to greater success, impact and fulfillment.

  1. Energize Your Morning Moments

Do you spend these important moments rushing to get out the door?  If so, you are missing time that will prime you both physically and mentally for better performance. Allow 15 minutes to energize you, bring greater focus and confidence for the rest of the day. Is it walking? Meditating? Quiet time? Prioritizing your day? Pick one and make it a habit.

  1. Major in the Major, Not the Minors

Prioritize the top three things that must be accomplished that day. Don’t get bogged down in minutia. Don’t waste time checking your email too often, getting sidetracked too long on Social Media. Allow a certain amount of time for the internet and then quit. Manage your schedule!

  1. Delegate

See opportunities for growth in every task, and pass it on. Working on tasks that could and should be delegated is a sign you think you can do it better yourself. If so, how will your team grow? How will you ever be freed up to lead and set the vision?

  1. Shake off a setback

When you stumble, shake it off, don’t let it drain your energy and focus. The most successful people have all failed at something – usually many things.

  1. Overcome procrastination through time management

Procrastination can mean a lack of confidence, or a fear of being wrong. It makes you slow to start because you want to be sure that the plan will be flawless. Recognize procrastination in yourself and concentrate on time management.

  1. Embrace difficult conversations

Difficult conversations can help clarity and enriched relationships. Avoiding them does not solve problems, but allows problems to fester.

  1. Express thankfulness

None of us succeed alone. Thank those around you and say it with a smile. Research shows that it positively benefits you and those around you.

  1. Concentrate on the inside

True happiness is internal and does not come from external circumstances. Are you grateful, even in the hard times? Do you reflect on the positives or negatives? Have you learned optimism? Winston Churchill said, “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

The most effective way to break bad daily habits is to replace them with new ones. Here is your challenge: Take the time to recognize a daily bad habit and replace it with a new one. Let me know how you have succeeded.

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