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What is a 360 Degree Survey & Is it Right for You?


What is a 360 Degree Survey?

The 360 Degree Survey is a feedback process where superiors, peers and sometimes even customers evaluate an individual. The analysis from the survey shows not only how an individual perceives themselves but how others perceive them.

What Can the Survey Do for Your Organization?

The 360° Assessment provides feedback and scoring capabilities, plus an individual development plan for direct training. You will learn the training and development needs of individuals and groups within your organization.

  • Identifies growth potential
  • Benchmarks current skill levels
  • Determines desired skill level
  • Identifies skill needs
  • Identifies additional needs
  • Provides an assessment of skills as perceived by self and others

How the 360 Development Survey Helps Your Team

Personal growth through self-discovery. An individual better understand themselves and their role as a team member.

Improved relationships through enhanced communications and understanding

Professional development by aligning individuals with their team mates.  Individuals will understand how potential strengths and weaknesses affect other team members and the overall team effectiveness.

A word of caution:  sometimes employees are hesitant to give honest feedback when evaluating a superior.  A trained assessment professional’s help will be invaluable when analyzing this data.

The 360 Degree Development Survey can be customized for management/leadership as well as personal skills assessment.


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