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11 Ways a Business Coaching Program Can Help You

Businesses have a lot of moving parts. If you are tired of trying to do it on your own and you need a focused, outside-in thinker with experience to help shape your career, the right business coach can accelerate your path to success.

“Bruce Mazzare is more than a consultant or coach with great ideas, he is an expert who has shaped my growth as a CEO of a successful non-profit. We have also utilized Bruce’s experience and insight with organizational leadership, management, and growth to work with our staff and branch office. Bruce is a motivator and a roll-up-the-sleeves mentor who has helped position us to see positive results. I highly recommend Bruce Mazzare for his broad expertise and insight for any business and non-profit.”   Joe Padilla, Founder, CEO, & President of Mental Health Grace Alliance

Here’re the top ten ways I have helped business professionals in my business coaching program.

  1. Focus. Many business professionals have drive, but often their focus is too far-reaching and broad. Many times their attention is scattered and often their focus remains on the surface without a great deal of drill down.
    My business coaching program is targeted and keeps my clients focused on the results we determine they want to achieve.
  2. Strengths and Weaknesses. Most people have only a vague sense of who they are and what they bring to the table.
    With the proper business coaching program utilizing personal assessments, strengths and weaknesses become crystal clear. We work to broaden and shore up those strengths through scientifically proven assessments and feedback reports. We look at the weaknesses and work through ways around them.
  3. Personal Skills. Too often, many become absorbed with increasing/learning job skills and forget it’s usually the personal skill arena that propels them to success. They may land jobs because of their job skills, but promotions and career building are usually won through personal skills.  
    As part of our business coaching program, we offer a valuable tool that assesses skills such as communication (including listening), strategic thinking, self-motivation, conflict resolution, and team play. These skills are just as valuable to corporations as they are to a one-person entrepreneurial business. Read more.
  4. The right job. Many job seekers are clueless about how their skills may fit into a new job or career.
    I work with my clients to determine the best job or career based on their skills. Through my business coaching program, we work together to determine the natural fit, and what training might be needed to get a job seeker from entry level to management level within a short time.
  5. Team Building. It’s amazing to me that this has just now become such a hot topic. For years, low productivity within businesses, departments and teams has been mostly ignored. What happens is the more vocal or opinionated people have dominated team outcomes, ignoring or devaluating the efforts and intelligence of less vocal members.
    Our training revolutionizes the way teams interact and triples the effectiveness of those teams. I have found it’s a matter of communicating and understanding the differences in team members. When teams appreciate the thoughts and processes of each member, things begin to change. I start by having each team member go through the Team Building eLearning course which includes a survey and individualized report. Then we begin our team building coaching sessions and workshops. It is a proven method of turning a dysfunctional team into a high performing team.
  6. Organizational Culture. So what happens when a culture is dysfunctional?  When a CEO views his organization one way and his managers and staff view it altogether differently?  The company is working against itself.
    The business coaching program from Assessment Solutions gets to the bottom of the problem and provides a plan and action steps to get everyone on the same page.
  7. Leadership/Management Coaching. Many in leadership roles have been doing the same thing for so long they can’t see another solution.
    Outside-in analysis is a critical component to help leadership develop within any corporation or business entity. I have worked with leaders who have been set in their ways for decades, only to finally understand they are their own worst enemy. In our business coaching program, we use tools to help managers and leaders come to an epiphany – a moment of enlightenment which helps them understand better methods of working with their people.
  8. Motivation. The rah-rah, way to go, keep-on-keeping-on type of motivation only works for a few hours after a coaching session. I have found most people don’t understand what motivates them, and certainly, most managers and company owners don’t understand either. They think all people are motivated by money, so if the company bank account is low, they don’t even try to motivate their staff.
    There is a way to find out what motivates each individual. The Workplace Motivators assessment we use in our business coaching program measures 12 different motivating factors.  We have found that some people are motivated by such things as more training/education, a more harmonious workplace, additional responsibility or a chance to have more input. Knowing what motivates individual staff members or management can play a huge role in reducing turnover. Knowing what motivates an individual empowers them to seek careers that provide the right motivation.
  9. Conflict Resolution. Drama in the workforce is the pits and it can cause a company untold dollars in lost productivity, increased turnover, higher medical costs and sick days. It’s a lose-lose, and yet so many managers chose to ignore it.
    When we are called in to help with conflict resolution, we begin with our elearning course  on Resolving Conflict in the Workplace. Each person in the affected department or company goes through the online course and then we hold personal or group coaching sessions. We offer insight on communication styles, what drives conflict and what they can do to overcome it. There are action steps delegated and follow-up to reach a harmonious resolution.
  10. Retail Theft and Drug Abuse. It’s often hard for a small retail owner heavily invested in their clerks and backroom workers to have an objective opinion as to why they are losing customers or not making a profit.
    We are not clairvoyant, but we offer a tool for testing each existing or new hire that gives objective data and a sense of an employee’s opinion about theft, drugs in the workplace and authority. By coaching the owner and testing the employees, Assessment Solutions has been able to turn a losing business into a profitable one. Many of our clients have been surprised by what we uncover.
  11. Customer service. We don’t buy that customer service is a thing of the past. The problem is there is little training or coaching given to customer service reps.
    Assessment Solutions offers Personal Accountability training/coaching  ideally suited to anyone in charge of customer satisfaction. And when you think of it, that’s pretty much all of us. Whether we work in a coffee bar or take orders over the phone or meet with customers daily, our companies are in business to provide customer satisfaction – whether that is through the products we sell or the services we offer. Our business coaching program offers business owners a way to motivate and train their employees to think of the customer first.


With 40 plus years of business and leadership development, I am uniquely qualified to help CEOs, managers, staff, entrepreneurs and career-seeking individuals find their own path to success. Contact me at Assessment Solutions: 254-776-6306 or or click here

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November 15, 2016
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